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PollsterSample datesSample sizeCON%LAB%LIB%UKIP%
ELECTION 20106 May 201037.029.723.63.2
The Independent/ComRes12 Dec 14 - 14 Dec 141,00229321216
TNS BMRB11 Dec 14 - 15 Dec 141,1802835519
Evening Standard/Ipsos-Mori13 Dec 14 - 15 Dec 141,0123229913
The Guardian/ICM12 Dec 14 - 16 Dec 141,00128331414
The Observer/Opinium16 Dec 14 - 19 Dec 141,4272936616
Daily Mirror/Survation18 Dec 14 - 19 Dec 141,00930331021
Populus19 Dec 14 - 21 Dec 142,0513535912
The Sun/YouGov21 Dec 14 - 22 Dec 141,6423236616
AVERAGE12 Dec 14 - 22 Dec 1410,32430.834.0 8.515.5

New opinion polls will be published here as they become available.

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Recent national opinion polls
Current state of party support nationally as measured by the opinion pollsters. Data are shown in both graphical and tabular form for national polls taken over the last month or so.
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All national opinion polls since 2010
Complete record of national opinion polls since the last general election in May 2010.
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Scottish opinion polls record
Current state of party support in Scotland, along with a record of Scottish opinion polls since May 2010.
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Making predictions
Links to prediction tools available on this website.
2 May 1997

Science of opinion polling
Introductory article to the science of opinion polls, describing the importance of sample size and quotas.
31 July 2004

Final campaign polls May 2010
Historical record of polls published in the run-up to the May 2010 election.
15 May 2010

Final campaign polls May 2005
Historical record of polls published in the run-up to the May 2005 election.
6 May 2005

Final campaign polls June 2001
Historical record of polls published in the run-up to the June 2001 election.
8 June 2001

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Links to the major pollsters, political and electoral blogs, and electoral data sources.
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